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The Four Things To Consider When You're Ready To Travel

Whether you are ready to dive back into traveling again or just cautiously dipping your toe into the trip planning waters, I've laid out some practical tips to consider as the world reopens.

Dust Off the Passport

After more than a year in lockdown, your passport is probably collecting its fair share of dust. Before you plan a trip, make sure it's valid for at least 6 months after the travel dates. Many countries deny entry otherwise. This way, you won't be in the passport scramble line that's steadily growing with last minute trip plans (more on this later).

Check your Resources

If you had flights on the books last year and were issued a credit or had a cruise booked and were given a voucher, let me know. Like finding $20 in your pocket, a forgotten credit will make your day and allow you to spend more on the vacation itself. Depending on the airline or cruise brand, it may be feasible to use the credit for a different destination than originally planned. I can help you get creative.

Seasonality Saves

You've probably heard conflicting opinions on the cost of trips for 2021-2022 as a result of the pandemic, ranging from the best prices ever to higher-than-usual prices. While there's validity to each side of what I'm seeing, one interesting point remains the same: seasonality. The best news is: you don't have to understand the trends yourself. That's what you've got me for.

Don't Wait Too Last Minute

As the world reopens, there is a tidal wave of demand from eager travelers. Some want to travel immediately, others are planning for later. But, we're up against limited availability when planning closer in. Not only because so many travelers are booking up the properties, but also from 2020 bookings that were pushed forward a year, meaning occupancy is already higher than usual. Pair that with some occupancy restrictions in certain destinations, and you've got way more demand than supply. The earlier you plan, the more options I will have to absolutely wow you.

Do You Have Questions About Traveling?


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When you're ready to start planning or discuss what your options are, whether it's now or later, I'm just a call or email away!

'Til next time...

Christine MacMillan

MacMillan Travel Design

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