I create unforgettable travel experiences.

You create memories.


MacMillan Travel Design is a boutique travel agency that provides luxury travel planning for working moms who want to make memories with their families, carve out time for self-care, and take the stress and time of planning off their plate. Specializing in all types of travel, including land and cruise, throughout North America and Europe.

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You want to be involved, but not fully responsible.

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You value experiences over things.


You're adventurous, but also look forward to lounge time.


HHi! I'm ChristineH

After 19 years in business consulting, I decided to leave the corporate world to start my own business as a Luxury Travel Designer.


I'm a lover of travel, wine, food, family, friends, and dreams. I'm also a working mom.


So I get it. I know what it's like to need a vacation and not have time to plan it. Why make your trip another thing you have to project manage? Or another thing on your to do list that you never got to?

Luxury travel means turning your travel dreams into reality. It means experiencing destinations on your terms. It's curated and includes more personalized services.

My mission is to create unforgettable travel experiences, while you create memories.

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“Christine did an excellent job on designing our family get-away trip! The itinerary, destination, and hotel she chose are exactly what I was envisioning for this trip, and she made it into reality. Christine is also very communicative and detail-focused; she is a pleasure to work with!”




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“Booking with Christine was the best choice we could have made. She arranged everything with the hotel including some of our favorite snacks waiting in the room and a special birthday surprise for our son on arrival. Her personal birthday note with pictures of him was so thoughtful. Christine went above and beyond to make our trip feel special! Will definitely be using her services again.”